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Contact Information

If you have an emergency, call 911

Main phone line: 802.442.4900

Fax 802.442.7282

For crime tips,

To make a fingerprint appointment or to schedule a deputy for an assignment, contact Emily at 802.445.0124 or

For information about serving someone papers, contact Carolyn at 802.442.1832

For billing, contact Jude at 802.442.1831or

For Peter Urbanowicz, Director of Administration, 802.442.1834

For general information about our road patrols or working as a BCSD deputy, contact Lt. Roscoe Harrington at or 802.447.2384

For complaints/compliments, contact Sheriff Gulley at or 802.442.1833

Sheriff Gulley can be contacted at or 802.442.1833