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Click it or Ticket Campaign Starts May 21

CIOTBennington County law enforcement will show zero tolerance

Vermont Joins the Nation with the Click It or Ticket Campaign from May 21st to June 2nd.

Vermont has an 85% compliance rate for seat belt use and it is still a secondary violation, which means a law enforcement officer must stop you for a primary violation and write both violations.

The Vermont Legislators declined to make the seat belt violation a primary violation this year.

Officers from all Bennington County law enforcement agencies will be patrolling the county. Avoid a ticket and buckle up. With Memorial Day Holiday quickly approaching Sheriff Schmidt asks motorists to drive slowly, wear your safety belt, put the cell phone down and stop texting. The goal is to have high visibility patrols to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities. Stem aggressive and distracted driving.

ALL vehicle occupants need to be buckled up. 68 people died on Vermont road in 2017, and 12 so far in 2018, a steady increase since 2018.

CIOT will be during day and night time hours.

sourceLloyd Dean,
sourceDetective Sergeant

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